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Fascia, which covers muscles throughout the body, transmits tension through multiple veins. There is a ‘fascia line’ – the back line is closely related to the face, from the chin to the back, thighs, and then to the toes, so when the hunchback causes the fascia of the back to relax, a chain reaction will occur, causing facial relaxation.
In addition, if you want to eliminate hunchback, you also need to relax the muscle membrane from the neck to the back of the arm and then to the little finger. This fascia line is also very important!
The fascia line connecting the neck to the little finger: The fascia connects the back of the neck to the shoulder blade, upper arm and little finger. Pay attention to moving your little fingers, your neck will become longer and the corners of your mouth will naturally rise.
The fascia that connects the lower jaw to the toes: the fascia connects the back and buttocks, and connects to the soles of the feet through the calves. Use your toes and hip muscles to stretch fascia lines to relieve facial sagging.
Restoring fascial elasticity can relieve drooping corners of the mouth, nasolabial folds, and double chins that cause facial sagging and aging! Colts
Stretching the fascia of the toes and buttocks can relieve facial sagging
If you have been doing facial gymnastics to eliminate sagging, but the effect is still not very good, it may be caused by some bad postures. Mr. Yusuke Kimura, a Japanese personal trainer and facial gymnastics coach, explained: “Because the face and body are connected by fascia, they influence each other.”
The muscles of the face are supported by Memphis Grizzlies jersey the forehead, and the fascia hanging down from the forehead is connected to the toes through the back. If the back is always straight and the fascia remains elastic, the muscles from the forehead to the face can be stretched: If the back is hunched, the fascia is relaxed, and the face will also be relaxed.
Therefore, the most important thing to slow down the relaxation is to exert force on the toes first, so as to turn on the switch of fascial activity. First, let’s practice sitting and standing!
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